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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

 A little bit about us:

Left; Kristine, Right; Brittany 

1st up: 

I'm Kristine. Most call me Kris but my family calls me Tine (teen) and the Mr. calls me Krissy…take your pick, I’ll answer to any of them!

I have an obsession with all things rustic industrial and I super love taking old things and re-purposing them to make them usable, functional and beautiful once again. I have always had a passion for crafting, designing and creating. Painting & re-finishing furniture is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic things for me. I call that my “me” time.

(Pictures in my PJ's...just keepin' it real y'all!)

I am a paralegal by day but I dream of bigger and better things, doing what I am passionate about. I hope to one day own a little boutique where we will be selling crafty, re-purposed things and refinished furniture.

I have a fiance. He is my best friend and my partner in crime. And he's a fantastic DIY assistant! ;-) He is also my biggest supporter!

We have 4 fur children (one cat and 3 dogs). 

And he also has 2 human children, so before long I will be a step-mommy as well as a pet mommy.

I am so glad you’re here. I hope you leave feeling inspired and I hope you return because you are as passionate as I am about interior design, DIY and re-purposing things!

Next up:

I'm Brittany the other half of Big Dreams Shallow Pockets!
 For as long as I remember I have loved "making things", arts and crafts have always been my go to hobby, therapy, stress reliever, and passion! I am 26 and still haven't found my so called "career" because I refuse to give up on my dream of owning my own business.

Meet our 3 fur babies, Roxi, Bo and Hank.  They are only a small part of my family.  

My fiance Travis and I have a one year old son Lucas! He is amazing and our world.  Travis is pretty amazing too, he is my hands on carpenter, mechanic, picture hanger, he can pretty much do it all :)

We hope you stick around and follow us on our journey; because it is definitely going to be one heck of a ride!!

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