Totally Love It, Tuesday!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Tuesday! Having the day off yesterday has made this day FLY by :) Which is a wonderful thing.. At least work wise!

The weather today has made me start dreaming of spring - which also makes me dream of starting some home renovations I have planned!

Here are a few visions of what I dream my house will look like.

I love this WHOLE set up.  I am not fortunate to have a space in my house to have an "office" but if I did... This is what I would love for it to look like!  I may have to invest in building me a smaller version of this desk.

We don't have a garage at our house, and are in desperate need of a shed for storage!  I really like the look of this one, and the concrete stones.  I really love the idea of having it close to the house so that it is easily accessible and don't have to walk through the grass to get to it!  This is so on the hubby to do list this spring :)

This will be my next home decor craft! We need lamps in our living room badly... and I stinking adore these... so many possibilities!! I am dying to start on them.

Thanks for stopping in and seeing what we have been up to.. 

Hey y'all! It feels like a Monday to me because I was off work yesterday, but alas we are one day closer to the weekend than it actually feels like! :) Gotta love that!

I know I have added a galvanized shower to TLIT before but this shower DIY from Bungalow Bungahigh is so amazing and is super cost effective! We are planning to re-do our master...eventually...and I would love to have something like this! They have a great tutorial on their blog, check it out!

How fantastic is this old filing cabinet turned kitchen island? Of course I love the look but let's just talk about the storage in this thing... Geez! I am in love.

This goodness? I can't! Y'all know I love me some rustic decor and this Ikea dresser makeover is simply amazeballs! We already turned ours into an awesome rustic beast of a dresser (which you can see HERE) but if I didn't have that I would definitely attempt this! Fo sho!

Thanks for lookin' y'all!

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