Rustic Alphabet Magnets

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hey y'all! Happy Tuesday. I hope those of you in the blizzard zone are all okay and snuggled up and warm today! I am in WV and we just got a little dusting.

I recently completed another cute little DIY for our Etsy shop and I had to share with you!

These Rustic Alphabet Magnets are such a fresh take on the old (ugly) classic plastic letters, don't you think?

This was a really easy DIY and took me less than a half hour from start to finish!

I had some leftover birch wood from the ornaments I made around Christmas time and one of the logs was smaller around than the ones I used for the ornaments so I had plenty of it left. I just cut off 26 slices with my chop saw.

You could do these in a variety of colors but I just chose 6 that were bright and fun.

I didn't sand them or anything, just painted the letters right onto the natural wood and hot glued the magnets to the back and that was that. 

I had to buy 4 eight packs of magnets in order to get enough. They were $2.99 each, I already had the wood and the paint, so this project cost me $12 dollars. Not too shabby!

The best part is that these magnets are the super heavy duty kind. They hold a ton of papers per magnet, unlike the cheap plastic letters that hold NOTHING! 

Pretty cool huh? I love them!

Thanks for lookin' y'all. Off to the Etsy shop they go.

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  1. I absolutely love this! So sweet and it looks relatively easy to pull off.

    I'm a softie for anything wood.

    Thanks for sharing! I'm visiting from the Ladies Collective Linkup.

  2. Those are crazy adorable, I'm with Jennifer, I loooove wooden items! I much prefer these to the plastic fridge letters. These are beautiful!

    1. Thanks! :) I love wood too and they are SO much cuter than the plastic ugo fridge letters!

  3. THIS IS AN AMAZING IDEA! I too hate plastic letters! Any excuse to use wood rounds in my home, I'm game!

    Thanks so much for linking up at the Ladies Collective Linkup! Hope you'll come back again this Wednesday and link up! I'll be pinning this to our group Pinterest board!

    Stephanie @

  4. It's the cutest!!!….Great to see so many beautiful ideas here today!


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