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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hey y'all! Is anyone else just feeling totally un-motivated this new year? I have sooo many things I want to do and make and paint and we are 14 days in already and I haven't done a dang thing! I really need some inspiration to strike!

Before Christmas I was all kinds of motivated and I made this DIY industrial bar cart for my honey. I guess I should tell y'all that I am a bad influence on the hubbs...before me he NEVER drank! Not that I am an alcoholic or anything but I definitely love me some wine and a good frozen drink now and then and my family has parties for every occasion (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, etc.) and we all like to have a little bit to drink.

The hubbs and I have taken a couple cruises together and now this man is a Margaritaville loving fool! He loves frozen strawberry margaritas. They have to be the perfect consistency though (like at Margaritaville), otherwise he doesn't love them. So to make a long story short...he likes to drink now on occasion, and we've been collecting a hefty amount of liquor bottles and shot glasses, so I decided to ditch my wine rack and put an actual bar cart in that space.

I bought a shelving unit at Home Depot and combined our "bar supplies" and now we have an awesome industrial bar cart that was super duper cheap to create!

Putting this shelving unit together was a piece of cake. There are little stoppers that snap onto the poles and then you just drop the shelves down over the stoppers and bam...insta bar cart!

The chrome was a little too "new" for my liking but I was limited on my color options so I figured I would distress it.

I 1st decided to do the salt and vinegar method which adds a really cool petina to metal BUT...I would have had to wait a whole day and I am impatient and I wanted it done before the hubbs returned from basketball I sprayed it off with the hose and wiped it all down and grabbed a bottle of hammered gray spray paint.

The color is much better and not so dang shiny!

I let it dry for like a minute (I said I was impatient)...and then I took it inside and started staging it in a hurry so that I could surprise the Mr. with it when he returned.

Before I even started this project I found these really awesome shot glasses at Homegoods for $3 dollars and I could NOT pass them up knowing that I wanted to create a bar cart...

Aren't they awesome? I also bought the hubbs these Sons of Anarchy shot glasses for Christmas.

I couldn't resist. They are skulls, they look awesome and we love SOA! My parents also got him one skull shot glass and 4 shot gun shell shot glasses for Christmas. They are more for looks than way in heck do 2 people need all those shot glasses.

The older bottles on the top are old bourbon bottles I got from my great grandfathers house. I thought they would be a unique touch.

The Postie's soda crate came from an thrift run and it houses my wine glasses, a few margarita glasses and the "Flaming Volcano" bowl I got him for Christmas. If you haven't had a Flaming Volcano, they are amazing and they are served at most Japanese Hibachi steakhouses...try one! You won't regret it!

The sign you see is a DIY as well and it says "Let's get Crooked" - while we were visiting my family for his 40th birthday he had a little too much to drink one night and when he stood up to go outside he stumbled a little bit and he said "Woah...I think I am crooked". Of course it was a belly laugh moment for all of the rest of us and we bring it up a lot.

So when I was browsing bar cart ideas on Pinterest I noticed a lot of them have some sort of art on or around them...since this is mostly for the hubbs, what better than a quote straight out of his mouth? I just googled for a bottle silhouette...which happens to match one of his liquor bottles...and I used Pickmonkey to add the quote over the top. It is absolutely perfect and it's funny and it makes us smile when we look at it.

Here is a shot of the whole thing...this space was used for a stand up freezer before we moved in. They took the freezer so I used the space for something wine! And now, of course, for his stuff too! :) The wine racks are made from pallets and hung with really heavy duty drywall mounts.

There you have it! What do y'all think? I swear we aren't drunks...this is just a fun addition to my industrial/rustic/vintage kitchen decor. I plan to add castor wheels to it in the future but I haven't found any that fit just yet!

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  1. So cool! I love the soda crate! And I can relate with you,, I'm just now starting to shake off my new year un-motivation. I was in a serious slump there for a while and didn't feel like doing a thing!

  2. This is too cool. I love the look and you are right the "shiny" was way too new looking. You did a great job!

  3. Love this! The crate is my favorite part.


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