Home for Thanksgiving and another surprise party!

Friday, December 5, 2014

I am sure most of y'all know that I live in West Virginia now and my entire family lives in Kentucky. Actually...it's exactly 3.5 hours from my driveway to my parents driveway with no stops...but who's counting?

We went home for Thanksgiving to visit my family. When we arrived my dad was being all secretive and whispering. It was so strange. He told me he needed me to come out in the garage to see a present he got for mom before she got home, that she was at Zumba and he wanted to know if she would like it...so I'm all "why are we whispering if mom is at Zumba?" Anyhoo...I followed him to the garage and when he flipped on the light my whole family was in there and most of them were dressed in 80's outfits.

Get a load of my dad there on the right in his track suit with gold chain and sweatband...HA! (Sorry for the crappy picture quality here guys...I was not mentally prepared for this!)

It was a surprise party...for me...for my 30th...and seeing as I was born in the 80's they decided an 80's theme would be appropriate for my party. I freakin' love my family y'all. They are certainly some characters!

Check out my momma on the right...and my aunt Midge down front with her banana clip in! Love it!

And my aunt Tracy with the sexy leg warmers...

We had a blast at my party playing "Minute to Win it" games and listening to an 80's compilation CD that my dad bought. It was the best. I was soooo surprised. I mean like...no...freakin'...clue!

My brother and his girlfriend, Lindsey.

And my dear Hubbs, God love him. 1st he was driving MUCH slower than he normally drives and I kept asking him why he was going so slow. He just kept saying he was "just crusin" - apparently he was really buying time for my family to get to my parents house. Luck was on his side that night because I also made him make an emergency pit stop because dinner was not sitting so well in my belly. After our pit stop he was FLYING down the road. I was like "Really dude? What the crap?"...but we arrived safe and sound and I was truly surprised by my family. My aunt even has my entrance on film and I kind of did a back step out the door when everyone yelled SURPRISE...I'd give anything to know what was going through my mind that second, but it is pretty funny to watch it played back.

After everyone left my moms friend Bev and brother and his girlfriend stayed up and played some Cards Against Humanity with us. If you don't know what that game is look it up on Amazon. Best.Game.Ever! It's a bit raunchy and politically incorrect and totally inappropriate but that is why we love it! Tears...every single time...tears.

My brother...

Thank you to my family for making my 30th so special! I truly had no idea. I am shocked that you entrusted Kevin with the secret plan LOL. Love you guys! :)

Of course...of true reason for the trip was to spend some quality time with my family for Thanksgiving. I will just bombard you with pics of my fab fam!

 Blake...the youngest member of the fam for now...

My baby cousins...Blake and Baylee


 My boo...

Mom and Memaw and Danee...

Dad is just "resting his eyes"...

My GREAT grandfather!

More games to end the weekend! We had such a good time!

Until next time y'all!


  1. Your family looks like BIG FUN! Love it!

    1. They are a hoot! It's weird sometimes being in WV without all these goof balls! :)


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