Totally Love It, Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hey hey! Welcome back for another edition of Totally Love It, Tuesday!

Let's make this one about Thanksgiving...NOT Christmas, shall we? Don't get me wrong...I LOVE me some Christmas but with Thanksgiving being just a couple days away I figure we ought to give it it's time to shine!

On with the pictures...

HA! This edible fruit turkey is so cute! My mom and I were just trying to decide on something "different" to serve this year and I think this just might be it!

I love these candles! They are a cheap (Dollar Store) adorable way to add a little something special to your Thanksgiving table this year! OhMyGosh wouldn't they smell amazing when the cinnamon starts to heat up? In fact...I think I hear my hot glue gun calling....

I love the simplicity of this Thanksgiving tablescape. We usually gather at both of my grandmothers houses for Thanksgiving and everyone sits everywhere and there is no real "gathering" spot. I wish we could do something like this...where everyone sits together and we can reflect on the year gone by and what we have been most thankful for!

I am not gonna lie...I have my Christmas decor up already. I think next year I need to allow Thanksgiving to have her time to shine before rushing on to the next Holiday. Thanksgiving is a time of thanks and reflection and I think we should all take a breather and enjoy the time we have with loved ones.

Yikes! Is it seriously two days before Thanksgiving??  I am with Kris on this one.. I did not allow any time for Thanksgiving this year and I am so totally bummed about that.  I think with all the cold weather we have had - I skipped Fall all together :( 

With that being said - here are a few things I missed out on!

Love this cute little DIY center piece! Mason jar lids spray painted! How easy is that?!
This is on my list for next year.

I actually just saw this on someones Facebook page this morning.! How adorable are these?  I may try to do this for my little one Thursday morning :)

Just in case you are hosting dinner at your house and need a little last minute decor - here are some FREE printables! 

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and stay safe Black Friday shopping :)

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