Totally Love It, Tuesday

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Not only do I love fall but I absolutely love Halloween.  When I was younger I was a tad obsessed.  Now that I am a mom I look forward to doing fun things and creating traditions with my son.  He is still little but here are a few cute things I have found that I will be doing with him in the next few weeks.

Hot Dog Mummies
A friend at work actually said she does this with her kids every year on Halloween.  I think they are too cute, and can't wait to make some with Lucas.  They are super simple and cheap!

I absolutely love this idea! I would like to start this tradition this year, even though my son won't really understand until he gets older.  But I think it is a great way to teach children the art of giving even it is something as simple as Halloween candy for a neighbor! 

With an 18 month old, carving pumpkins probably wont be easy, so I was thinking of just getting him a few little pumpkins and some paint and make a master piece :)

Have a great rest of the week and don't forget to keep stopping by to see what we have been up to lately!

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