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Friday, October 3, 2014

When we found out we were pregnant  - it was a total surprise.  Travis and I were no where near prepared for a baby - we were young and in LOVE :)  However we had NOTHING ...and of course me being addicted to Pinterest I saw all of the cute pictures and wanted my first pregnancy and child to be everything I had ever imagined!

Only thing was...we were BROKE!  Travis's mom paid to have our maternity pictures done as a gift which was so amazing! After seeing how much money people charge - and looking into newborn pictures when it came close to time - Travis decided that he would teach himself to become a photographer - almost 2 years now and we have a pretty awesome side business going.

Here is some of his first ever photos - where he started... 

First ever shoot - Josh and Olivia Engagement photos. After a little help from me (with the help of pinterest) for posing, I would say he was pretty good at it right off the bat!

And he only got better!

This is our son Lucas at 6 months! 
Fall 2013

Christmas 2013
Lucas was our favorite model!

Our friends Theresa and Gabriel! 

Then he did his first Wedding! I helped with this one as a second shooter and I can tell you I was so nervous and excited about!  Luckily it was for our friends Josh & Olivia - it was simply amazing!

He has learned so much since then - but these are still some of my favorite pictures ever! 

Earlier this year we were blessed to do our first Maternity session for our very close friends
 Stephanie & Brady 

Pictures turn out great when you have Ken & Barbie  - haha

He loves shooting outdoors, we have several local places that we use.

Travis started taking pictures for our benefit - so that we could save money and have amazing photos of our son growing up.  Once he really dug into it, it became a hobby for him and even a passion.  Since he has started he has done over 25 shoots - 5 of those being Weddings.  One of our goals with turning this into a business was ensuring that people like us could get to experience professional pictures and afford it - without breaking the bank.

It has definitely been an amazing thing for our family - as we get to work together and give people memories to cherish forever!

One of the more recent weddings he has done - he has came so far! He is simply amazing at what he does!

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