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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hey y'all! Happy Hump Day! I feel like we are flying through this week already. I like it!

On Saturday we threw a Halloween Costume Party / 40th Birthday Party for my honey. It was called "Kevin's 40th Birthday Bash and Monster Mash". We played a couple Halloween themed games and had some karaoke and dancing and from what I've heard everyone had a blast.

I want to show y'all a bunch of the DIY & cheap (or free) decor I used for the party as well as some of the awesome costume pictures from everyone who showed up.

**Warning! This will be a picture heavy post!**

I DIY'd most of the decorations and found a lot of them for dirt cheap at a yardsale and Dollar Tree!

Here is the haul I brought in from a yardsale for less than $10 dollars!

I was super excited to find all of this stuff. The lady who was selling them was more than happy to let everything go for SUPER cheap! Her loss! :)

You can read all about my $3.00 Goodwill lamp to candelabra HERE

I had all of these jars on hand, the rest of the stuff all came from Dollar Tree. A fake heart, ears, moss, candles and candle holders. The little skull was something we had on hand already. I just put the things in the jars and filled them with water.

I DIY'd my finger nails. These are Impress brand stick ons and they usually last me about a week. I figured they would last through the night for sure. I used red nail polish and just painted it on my finger and then pressed my finger to the nail. There wasn't a good shot of them on my hands but they turned out pretty dang cool and only cost me 3 dollars with a coupon! 

This was a fun one! Kev and I made all the scars and wounds for my costume using some toilet paper and liquid latex! It's really pretty simple. You just paint the latex on a surface that it can be easily peeled from. Use 1 ply toilet paper and tear it into small pieces then roll it and shape it into the size of whatever wound you want (we did these and bullet wounds) then paint another layer of latex over top and let it dry for several hours. Dab some baby powder on them afterwards, because they will be tacky and you are good to go. Just peel, paint some more latex on your skin and stick them down! Then add blood and makeup and you have cheap and easy wounds!

I am the worst blogger ever and I did not get many pictures of the decorated house but we had that thing covered floor to ceiling in decorations!

We played 2 games. The 1st was a murder mystery game where I handed out slips of paper. One said "KILLER" and the killer had to WINK at his victims. All of the rest of them said "VICTIM" and had a "death" (some funny, some serious) and they had 4 minutes to "die" after the killer winked at them. Some of the deaths were hilarious and everyone had a great time with this game. There were prizes awarded for the best death and to the killer.

Our second game was called Tempt Your Fate and I blew up about 35 balloons and they all had a "Good Fate" or "Bad Fate" written on them. Everyone had to pop a balloon and "tempt their fate" by not knowing what was inside. We had a nasty concoction of alcohol (spiked eggnog and After Shock) for those old enough to drink and that was their BAD fate. The good fate was a prize from a grab box of unmarked prizes. Some of which were really dumb and funny and a few of them were actually good. We had candy, candles, and a 10 dollar gift card as some of the good prizes and Vienna Sausages, Pork and Beans and toothpaste as a few of the not so good prizes. It was pretty comical to see peoples reaction to their prize.

Here are some of the costumes! We didn't get pictures of everyone but there were some really great costumes!

Tequila Shot Hombre (although here he is drinking Dr. Pepper from a shot glass)

Zombie Snow White (Me) - I actually colored my hair black just for this costume!

The Devil (mom), Snow White and Redneck Woman


Redneck Couple (My brother Kyle and his girlfriend Lindsey)

Willie Robertson (Chris)

Baylee died of a heart attack during our murder game!

It's a balloon under her shirt!

Deer and Hunter (Brittany and Travis)

Walter White after his "death" (Mason)

Zombie (Haley)

Katniss (Chelsea)

Forrest Gump (Larry)

Jenny (Tracy) - her death was multiple stab wounds!

Kim - I guess she was a hippie?! 

Old Time Mobster (dad) and Willie shaved apparently!

Mobster and Devil (Dad and mom)

Birthday boy with his walker! (Photo Cred to Travis from Pintura Photography)

Me and momma before she was dressed. Love this picture!

And finally, Kevin's cake. Sorry, didn't get a pic before we started slicing into it!

Some of the graves say: "Laid to Rest" - "Izzy Dead Yet" - "C.U. Laytah" - "Who turned out the lights?" - "Ova D. Hill" (for Kev) - "Lordy Lordy Kev is 40" and "Here lies Kevin"

We had such a great time and Kevin was so surprised that the party was actually for him! 
If you're going out for Halloween or taking the kiddos trick or treating please be safe and have fun!


  1. I love this, it looks like a blast!!!

    1. It was so much fun. We were all laughing through the night because of the murder game!

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  3. Nice work on the decorations! Looks like you had an awesome party :)


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