DIY Wood Sign

Friday, September 12, 2014

I am throwing my friend a bridal shower this weekend and this is one of the things I am making for it!  She saw something on Pinterest that she wanted to have to hang in her home, but also to use at her beach/rustic themed shower.

I had some scrap pieces of wood laying around from another project, it was painted white so I had to do a little sanding.

Next step was to stain them.  I seem to always have stain on hand - so I used Minwax Dark Walnut - one thing I really love about projects like this and can really never go wrong.. 
I wanted an aged, rustic look and that is exactly what I got.  A lot of people are afraid to mess with stain but it really is simple, kind of messy but such an easy thing to do!  I put two very thin coats on each board and called it a day.

Here is what it looks like after I brought them inside... (better lighting, it was getting dark out)

To secure all the boards together I used the piece of plywood that it is sitting on in the picture above.  My handyman got out the jigsaw and cut a small square that I could attached to the back.

Travis (handyman) is much better with the power tools than I am, and since they are his toys LOL he prefers doing this part of my crafts...I don't mind, even though I would like to eventually get my own set so I can do it all myself :)

Now I tried to print some really cute font off the internet and transfer it on there so it would look crisp and clean...yeah that didn't work so well for me!  So I had to free hand it...My hand writing isn't the best!

I was hoping for something a little different but I still think its cute.  Do you think she will like it??
 (I hope so!)

Thanks yall!

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