DIY: Rustic Industrial Dresser

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My house is ever evolving since we've moved in but the one thing that has pretty much stayed the same is our bedroom. I decorated it early on and left it alone. Recently I decided I'd had enough of the room not matching with the rest of the house and so I sold my "big beauty" of a dresser that was an antique gorgeous shabby chic piece. It just doesn't "fit" with my rustic/industrial style so I had to finally let her go. I cry sometimes still...

Anyhoo...I had initially planned to sell this dresser as well but after looking at several rustic dressers and their cost (wowsa!) we opted to try and turn our dresser into something we would love for years to come. Check it out...

You guys! I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE this dang dresser now.

We chose to do a wood facade, rather than build one from scratch cause who the heck knows how to do that? Certainly not me! This was a fairly easy project for us and the end result is just amazing!

Here's what we started with:

I painted this one several years ago to match when my room was shabby chic. It's not bad...just not matching the style of my house anymore.

We played around with the placement of the wood on the top and then finally just decided to various sized "planks" because I really dig that look. All we did was cut the long piece down to random sizes working with one row at a time. They are just attached with 2 screws on either end of each board right down into the existing dresser top.

The sides were super easy because we just had to cut them all to a specific length and attach.

I wanted parts of the grey dresser to show deliberately, so that made this job even easier!

We planned out ahead of time what size wood we were going to need by measuring the drawers and deciding if we wanted 1 plank to cover the whole drawer, or 2. I liked the look of two much better than one.

Since we knew most of them are truly cut at half size (like a 6 inch board is really 5.5 inches) we were prepared for the over hang we would have and just used a jigsaw to zip that overhang off.

Once all of the wood was attached I stained everything. I was not worried about stain getting on the gray parts of the dresser because I had just intended to rub it all around and "age" the look of the grey anyway. So I was able to be a little bit messy without much worry!

The color is Minwax - Espresso and it is fantastic! Kinda sorta like dark walnut but not really...hard to explain!

Love the color!

It wasn't until we had the whole thing done that I finally decided on hardware. I went to Hobby Lobby because I hate the selection at Lowes and I didn't even think to look at Home Depot.

This was me trying out different pieces in the "layout" of the drawers. The 2 wood pieces were going to be for the center, the water spigot ones for the 4 smaller drawers and the 2 handles for the large bottom drawers.

I ended up putting the wood pieces back because I wasn't in love with those and here's what we ended up with:

Since the middle drawers are rounded I knew I was just going to have to paint them and I actually love the contrast with the wood!

I was playing around with the vignette on the top in these pictures. Still haven't decided on that completely.

100% custom and 100% amazeballs! What do y'all think?


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  2. I love how you made it look completely different! Great inspiration!

    1. Thanks Valerie! I LOVE it with all my heart. It turned out so unique and makes me smile every single day! :)


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