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Monday, September 29, 2014

Hey y'all! While everyone else is in the midst of setting up all the gorgeous FALL decoration, I have already removed mine and now we are putting up the HALLOWEEN decorations. :) I super, duper love Halloween. It's my (second) fave!

We are also having a Halloween party this year and so I have been DIYing lots of things for that as well. This included...

I paid a whopping $3.00 dollars for this lamp and thus one more reason to love me some Goodwill. 

Here's what it looked like before...I am a bad blogger and forgot to take a true before picture but you get the point....

As soon as I saw it I immediately knew I was taking that thing home to use in my Halloween decor. I just didn't know how hard (or easy) it was going to be to transform it into a candle holder, instead of a lamp.

I need the little "cups" to hold the candles and those decorative ball & cylinder thingies were in the way. When I removed them I was presented with this... 

(Yes, kitchen is a mess...I was in the middle of crafting AND cooking...)

Those little metal poles were I had to figured out a way to get them off. I just used the pipe cutter we purchased for a previous project. Worked like a charm!

You just tighten the pipe cutter down and spin, tighten and spin, until it's cut all the way through. 

I also un-wired the socket and removed the cord and cut that middle one down to size as well.

Once I had those pieces removed I had to rebuild the "cup" part that would be holding the candles. I just whipped out my hot glue gun and stuck those suckers back on there like they were there from the start...

This glue gun is like 1 million years old and still working like a charm. Her name is Lucy. I love Lucy! :)

See how perfectly they hold the candles?

Here it is in my kitchen...pretty stinkin' awesome, no? For $3.00 dollars you sure won't hear me complaining!

Here is the before shot again....

Anyone else getting ready for Halloween too?

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