From Trash to Treasure

Monday, August 11, 2014

Never in my life did I think that I would be a person that went picking through people's trash or dumpster diving! I never really understood why people did such a thing; until now!  I have so become one of those people.. Not that extreme as getting into a dumpster but for this project I for sure took someones trash!

I was driving home one day, and saw this sitting out by the curb, luckily my hubby was on his way home too, so I called him and sat there in front of this until he got there to load it up.  Of course he thought I was crazy but it was a HUGE in tact piece of furniture! You don't pass that up.

Since it was so large and we don't have a garage or storage area, I knew I wanted to flip it fast.

A quick trip to lowe's to get my lovely little Valspar sample of paint and some new hardware and that was it!  other than of course some time and work :)  I love the way it turned out, honestly thought about keeping it and putting it in our bathroom for storage.  Thankfully I painted it a color that wouldn't match :)

Hope you guys like it! Photo cred to my wonderful other half Travis Eicher (Pintura Photography)

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