DIY Crate Bookshelf

Thursday, August 28, 2014

By now I am sure you all know that I live for and love FREE anything.  My grandmother had tried to do a project for her house using crates but didn't end up liking the way it turned out so she gave them to me :)  Crates are so versatile you can use them for and make just about anything with them.  I decided to use them for storage.

Here is what they looked like when I got them:

Like I said they had previously been used to make something else then taking apart so they were a little roughed up.  Not a big deal to me because I knew I would paint them, simple fix for most things!

I chose to spray paint them because of all the chips in the wood.  I used a gray satin by Rustoleum..

They still look a little rough but that is the look I am going for.  I wanted a vintage look because this is eventually going in my sons room.  I brush painted the shelf parts so they would have a worn light finish.

I haven't yet connected them together, because they will be going upstairs.  When I get to that part I will be using some wood glue and a few nails to secure them.

And here it is all staged in the living room for now.  I think it turned out pretty good.  This was a super easy, and cheap project.  My plan for this in my sons room will involve some cute cloth bins for toys.

How do you think it turned out?

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