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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Britt and I are (happily) busting our booties this week to get things ready for a craft show this weekend. We will have lots and lots of goodies to show you soon regarding that...until then...welcome to another installment of Totally Love It! Tuesday.

Since I have just decided to start my little "Booth Business" at the antique mall I am feeling the booth themes for this weeks Love It! I have been planning and re-planning the design of my booth for 2 weeks now. I can't wait to make that space totally mine and I have been looking to Pinterest for a ton of inspiration.

THIS.IS.AWESOME! I am not going for this look so much, but the book pages on the wall are freakin' awesome, for real. That had to take WAY too much time but the look is simply fantastic!

Oh man, I love everything about this booth! I love the things up high that draw your attention. I love the layout. Plenty of space to navigate through the booth. I love the THINGS that are being sold. The whole space is very inviting and in the midst of a bunch of other booths I would be drawn here 1st!

I love everything about this space from Bonnie at Revolutionaries Blog. I want to hang pallets on the walls in my booth too and use them to display some picture frames and other things that hang. I love the pop of color they add in her booth! I also thing it's a great idea to advertise her blog and the fact that she does custom pieces. I will be doing the same.

Since we are both super excited about this Saturday - I figured I would stick with the theme and show you all a few things I have been looking up in preparation for our craft show booth :)

Kris had found something like this one and sent it to me when we were discussing how we were going to display our items.  I just think this is so perfect - goes well with our theme/look and is so easy and practical.  Can't wait to use one for our booth this weekend!

Source Unknown

I was looking up some different ideas to display our prices, and came across this one - - LOVE.

Source Unknown

Came across this and had to share!  This is too funny - and don't we all wish they would tell us this especially before going to a craft show :)  I know I do!

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