Totally Love It Tuesday...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hey guys! Welcome back for another Totally Love It, Tuesday!
Another week of us browsing the web finding things we love :)

I am really upset I didn't see this before I did my coffee station - however doesn't mean I can't change it :)  I love this set up with the window!  It is so cute and homey feeling.

Absolutely adore this concept.  I will so be stealing this idea for somewhere in our home!  There isn't much that I don't love over at Tatertots and Jello they are one of my faves!  

Source Unknown

I'm sure most of you have seen this on Pinterest - I see it a lot when browsing but I always stop and look at it because it is just an awesome door, plus it is inside! If only I had a pantry door I could do this with!

That's all from me this week! Thanks for stopping in.

Ah, Tuesday! That means Monday is finally over. Hope y'all are having a fantastic day. I am SO in love with this polar vortex right now because it's 71 outside today and it is gorgeous! On the other hand I am stuck inside working. Boo! 

I love everything about this dining room from Our Vintage Home Love, but I really super love the chalkboard wall. I have been trying like crazy to convince the Mr. that we NEED a chalkboard wall but he is not buying it. At least I can admire other people's walls and daydream!


Ok, come on! This totally made me giggle when I saw it. It sure is a statement piece and I kind of freakin' love it!

Aren't these great? I want open shelving in our kitchen so bad! I mean like...really...REALLY bad! But all I hear from my hubbs is how the dishes will only have dog hair and dust on them. He is rude I tell ya! He kind of has a point, but he is still rude! I'm just sayin'...

And a totally non-blog related called a Giberian Shepsky...

German Shepherd and Siberian Husky...and I think it might be the most amazing dog breed I have ever seen! I gasped the 1st time I saw this. Absolutely gorgeous! 

I am totally against mixing breeds and calling them "designer" dogs and trying to get rich on them...a mutt is a mutt let's be honest here...but I want THIS mutt! Fo sho!

Happy Tuesday folks! Enjoy the rest of your day.

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