DIY Wooden Window Chalkboard

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Like most of us, I dream of making a living by doing what I love.  I love creating and making things for people and myself.  I get so much joy out of seeing something in the store and thinking I know I can make that! For me that is still my goal.  I am working towards making a living out of doing what I love.  This is one project I did recently and am selling, hope you love it!

Doing things with old wooden windows seems to be a new fad right now, and of course I like to try and do things that hasn't been done yet but I love old windows!  They are easy yet hard to come by right now.. seems like a lot of people are selling them but don't usually have enough to go around.  I got lucky and found two of these sitting by my neighbors trash can one night!  If you know me, you would know that I am so not or wasn't a trash picker....until now!  I mean FREE - hello!

They were both in great condition - not sure why they were thrown out... I was lucky to get to them first!  Of course right away I was brainstorming and getting on Pinterest to see what I wanted to do with them.  I had been seeing a lot of the chalkboard windows and I really loved them, so I thought I would give it a try!

After a trip to Lowe's I got to work, by prepping my work station (aka Kitchen Table).  Don't judge..I need to find a new space in the house I know LOL.  

Here are my supplies that I used for this project:

Yes literally just these three items and a brush to paint with!  Can you tell that I love Valspar?

I should have done a little more reading before I used the chalkboard spray paint, I kind of just went in full force and started spraying my window without even thinking that this was a REALLY thick paint and probably needed a primer of some sort first so that it would have covered better.  But hey that's what DIY is all about - learning on your own :)

I didn't take any pictures of it in between coats but I should have... well actually I probably didn't so you wouldn't see how sloppy and messy I was! This was about after 3 coats of the chalkboard paint.  After the 3rd coat it felt very rough and i didn't like it.  So I took my little sanding block and went over it a few times very lightly.  Be warned there will be black dust everywhere! This seemed to really even it out and made it very smooth!

Then I just painted the wood with my little Valspar sample of La Fonda Teal - it probably would have been a little brighter than this but I got a light coat of the chalkboard paint on the wood so it made it a little darker but I liked they way it turned out :)

After it was dry I added this handle that I had laying around from Hobby Lobby, just to make it not so plain looking.  For me it was still a little plain so I went digging in my craft stuff and found some little 3D pearl stickers and glued them to the corners, and drew a star with a chalk marker. 

How do you think it turned out?  I think my next one will be done a little differently and probably better :)

Thanks for checking in on us - see you soon!

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