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Monday, July 21, 2014

You guys! I am so excited to tell you that I am now the proud owner of my very own booth in a local antique shop. They specialize in antiques but also sell a mix and match of everything and so I am starting a new adventure. I will be selling my refinished furniture and DIY/Crafty things there and I am beyond excited about it!

They are in the process of moving this stuff out of my booth, it was just being used for imagine this empty. It doesn't look like much now but there is a lot of potential and I have a very good imagination!

My booth is on the 2nd floor as 1st floor space is prime and there aren't any available yet. Once I'm in there as a vendor though the people on the 2nd floor get 1st option to move to the 1st if something becomes available. I don't care about it being 2nd floor...typically people who come to a place like this check out least I know I do! How 'bout y'all?

I already have BIG plans for this little space. I am going to paint the floor, add a rug and hang pallets on the wall to display some of my picture frames and things and the floor space will be used for my furniture. To the left there is the stair well, so when people come upstairs my booth is the very 1st thing they will see. That makes me happy! I cannot wait to get in there and spruce up the space and add my touch to it. Any ideas on how to hide the duct work?!

I am going in this week to paint and hopefully will have a few pieces to get in there and sell next week.
I will do a follow up post in a couple weeks to let you guys see my new set up! Keep your fingers crossed for me. This could be a very, very good thing!

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