Trials of Decorating a Large Wall

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It seems like there is always that one project you are so eager to get done, yet it seems to be NEVER ending! This large wall in my kitchen has been mine.

When we first moved in, Travis and I went to hobby lobby and he found these large Spoon & Fork that he HAD to have... So this is how the wall was decorated when we first moved in last year.
 Don't mind Bo, he is always in the middle of everything :)

I was never really "in love" with this because I didn't feel like it filled up the wall enough.  Being broke after moving in and decorating a whole house, it stayed like this until just recently.

In the past few months I have been trying to get a theme of French Country/Country Primitive going in my house.  It is NOT easy!  I went upstairs to my junk room and found these pair of shutters that I had and thought that they would maybe work for the wall....

Eh.. It wasn't really doing it for me, plus I had no idea what I would put in between them. Not to mention the hubby came home and flipped out that I took his Spoon & Fork down! (he was very proud of his purchase) so then I tried this...

I would have needed another large utensil to make this work but still wasn't loving it.  
I had been searching for an old window and finally found one, and thought I would try this:

This arrangement stayed up on the wall for awhile because I couldn't decide if I liked it or not.  After being up for about a week I decided it wasn't what I was going for.

So then I thought about adding the shutters with the window... but all the white clashed so I added some burlap ribbon.  Still didn't love it because the shutters were too big.  At this point I was extremely frustrated!  The day that I was arranging these was a bad day.  I don't know if it was the frustration or exhaustion, but one of these dang shutters fell off the wall and landed on my foot... and with my luck it ended up with a trip to the immediate care center the next day!

Yup.. that's right. I fractured my big toe!  Who said crafting was a safe hobby??  

Even though I have a slight limp now, I did finally finish my project!  I knew I was in love with the window just didn't know how to make it my own. So I found a wall decal, cut it into three and placed it on the window. Then bought a country primitive swag to the top.
   Eventually I would like to add a gallery of plates around it.

Was it worth the trouble?  I think it was, at least for now!  I change my mind WAY too much, so check back in few weeks :)

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