Totally Love It, Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope you all are having a nice start to the week. We've already been busy this week working on some more crafty projects to share with you and a new segment that may or may not involve wine!

Have you guys seen this amazeballs card catalog that Liz Marie scored? Holy crap I am beyond jealous!

I mean really? Who finds this kind of stuff? Certainly not me!

Oh um...did I mention I was jealous? Such an amazing piece and I LOVE her DIY art. Check it out at her blog HERE.

I am also so freakin' in love with this living room from Mckenna Bleu...

How fun is this space? I love the eclectic mix of things and the pops of color are to die for!

This chic is seriously stylish! Check out more of her living room and life on her blog HERE.

                                                                                           - Kristine

I came across this when doing my daily browsing of all my favorite bloggers.  I just thought it was such a neat idea for displaying a name.  I am thinking of doing this in my sons room, or some room in the house!

You can check out all the nifty stuff that Thrifty Decor Chick found on her home- a -rama tour  HERE

I love trays of all kinds.  When I saw this it was a new concept for me.  I hadn't really thought of making a tray as a gift for someone with photos!

I am a little upset I didn't see this before Mother's Day!  Check it out over at The Love Nerds BLOG

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