DIY Wine Bottle Decor

Monday, June 16, 2014

Like most of us I enjoy a glass (or bottle) of wine here and there.  If you are like me you don't want to throw such a nice glass bottle out when there is always something you can make :) 

I had two empty wine bottles sitting on my kitchen counter for a few weeks, and finally it was either throw them away or do something with them.

First I washed them out, then soaked them in hot water and soap to get the labels off.

If painting them you want to make sure you get as smooth as a surface as possible so you don't see anything through the paint.

Then I took them outside for paint.  I use Valspar spray paint for most of my little projects.  It is so quick and easy, and I love the way it looks when dry.  It is about $4 a can, but it is well worth it!

This is what one of them looked like after about maybe 2 coats, I haven't mastered my spray painting skills yet, as you can with my thumb print at the top of the bottle.

After I had them both painted, I couldn't decided what I wanted to do with them.  This was just a quick craft, so I didn't purchase anything specific for them.  That left me to raid my craft stock drawer :)  I found some burlap twine, and a lighter colored burlap flower.

I wrapped the middle section of the bottle with the twine, hot gluing the ends and then hot glued the flower to it.

Still have one bottle left to decorate....

Not to bad for a quick and basically FREE craft/ decorative piece, I love the way it looks on the dresser in the living room.

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