DIY Laptop Tray

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Since I began this journey with Brittany I find myself on the couch or in the bed working on posts a lot more often than I used to. I mentioned to the Mr. recently that I needed to get a laptop tray and of course his reply was that I should just make make one I did.

This was really, really simple to make. 

I've had this old side table sitting in my craft room for months. It came from my great grandparents house, along with 2 other tables and a dresser, but I had no clue where I wanted to use it so it's just been collecting dust.

Enter "operation take the table apart"...All I did was remove 4 screws...I'm just sayin'...

The top was a little bulkier than I was aiming for, so I decided to use the shelf portion instead. It works perfectly. It's thin but strong and there is enough room for my laptop, mouse, coffee and even some space to jot down ideas in my notebook when need be. There is plenty of surface area.

I painted it with a sample pot that I got off the clearance shelf at Lowes a couple years ago...yup...
I am not sure of the color but it's a soft minty green and I used antiquing glaze to give it a little life then I sprayed 2 coats of polyurethane on it and called it a day. Easy as that.

This is on my lap on the well huh?

I considered adding handles but I didn't have any on hand that I loved and really there is no need. I just carry it by holding the sides. The handles really would have just been in the way.

Now I'm sure you know that just setting a piece of wood across your lap would not be that comfortable, so guess what I did? I used a rug that my mom was throwing out and I Gorilla glued that sucker right to the back...
I do not jest...

It is now super comfy to hold on my lap.

Best part about all of this? It was FREE! I used a hand me down table and a hand me down rug and some paint I've had for years. Gotta love that.

Thanks for lookin'! 


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