Totally Love It, Tuesday

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hey y'all! Welcome to another addition of Totally Love It, Tuesday! These are the things we are loving from around the web this week...

Aren't this house and yard and stream pure amazing?! The stream is man made y'all!!!! Click the link to see more...I was blown away!

Favorite Re-purposed Item (source unknown)

This is an old whiskey bottle repurposed as a mouth wash bottle...uh...yeah! Genius and beautiful. I am absolutely going whiskey bottle hunting this weekend!

Apple Cinnamon French Toast. The most delicious breakfast I have ever put into my mouth, no joke! My honey has requested to have this every weekend for the last month since we discovered it. It is SO insanely good. Definitely not good for you, but good none the less! I used jarred fuji apples that are already peeled and they were delicious.

This is absolutely Brittany and I! We are trying to make our dreams into a reality and we are constantly brain storming and looking for new/better ways to reach our goal. And we will never quit!

Holy smokes...this bathroom! I think I love EVERY.SINGLE.PIECE. Of course...I would need a shower...I don't take many baths, but I dang sure would die to have a bathtub like that! I love the rustic feel of this space. The counter top, the bathtub caddie, even the baskets on the wall and floor...perfection!

Thanks for lookin'!                                - Love, Kris

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