Tiny Master Bathroom Storage Idea...

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hey guys! We have the littlest master bathroom possible. I try not complain, because a lot of people don't even have a bathroom attached to their bedroom and that would really suck but it's really small and there isn't much storage.

In truth, they could have fit a double vanity in there and who knows why they didn't? At least then I would have some cabinet space to store things and the Mr. and I could get ready at the same time instead of him trotting off to the kids bathroom to brush his teeth and such. Poor fella!

Until we can afford a bathroom remodel and I get a true double vanity I had to get creative with something that would fill the space and give me more storage...

This little cubby storage unit was in my living room once upon a time and has been sitting in the craft room, empty, for several months.

It's a perfect fit for the space and it gives me plenty of little storage nooks that I so desperately needed!

I will stop posting really crappy phone pics soon, promise!

The storage drawers all came from Homegoods and were all on clearance for $9-$11 dollars a piece. We have lots of things tucked away in there now and the storage on top for things like Qtips, cotton balls and cologne/perfume is pretty freakin' cute.

I just used dollar store trays. The one holding the perfume/cologne is spray painted with chalk paint. I had it somewhere else in the house and rehomed it here in the bathroom. The one holding the mason jars is just painted with ORB and it's a dollar tray and a dollar candle stick thingy from Dollar Tree. Gotta love cheap storage.

That is my favorite picture of us in the history of our relationship! It makes me smile everyday to see it.

Here is the inside of one of the little drawers...my stash! :)

And here is a peek at the rest of the tiny room...

I was standing in the doorway for the above picture...

This is the tiny closet we keep towels and extra toilet paper and the hamper in. It's SUPER narrow...like I have to turn sideways to reach in there...I am not joking...

When we moved in I painted these with ORB, they were just plain silver. It really made the little flower details pop and I love it.

Just for giggles I hung up this caricature of me at age 4...I was so stinkin' cute...how could I not display this picture? This is actually a copy of the color version that still hangs in my parents house today! Love it!!

One last picture...the before..(took this when we were doing a walkthrough)

We didn't do much...changed the shower curtain and the faucet and I painted those little metal pieces on the closet door. That's it.

Thanks for lookin! :)        

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