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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So our basement has flooded...twice. Not major flooding, but definitely water leaking in through the foundation or some such stuff. I work from home, but my company provided me the computer, monitors and printer. My home office is in the basement and this most recent flooding fiasco caused me to have to get creative and move my office to another spot in our home. I so do not need my work computer and/or printer getting fried by water each time it rains a little too hard!

The reason the office was in the basement to begin with is because we don't actually have another spot for it. I ended up having to create an all new office space upstairs that shares a portion of my step-daughter's room. Lucky for us the kids have huge rooms and she allowed me to "borrow" a little corner of hers. :)

My desk in the office downstairs was a custom built 10 foot by 6 foot L shape, to fit the space. For obvious reasons I could not use that gigantic desk so we built a new one and I am kind of freakin' in love.

Barstools from Target and a little bit of wood from Lowes and there you have it! Fancy huh? 

I wanted these Carlisle bar stools from Target, but they didn't have the silver in the store, only yellow. I figured we could just buy the yellow and then I would order the color I wanted and take the yellow back once they arrived. The longer these remain in my house, however, the more I come to love them and I am so not a yellow person. I just feel like they are nice and cheery and who doesn't need that pick me up when they are working all day?

Making this was really simple. I just needed it to be wide enough to stretch my arms out while typing all day. Elbows hanging off the desk for hours and hours would definitely not be fun.

This desk is 2 feet wide by 6 feet long. Made with 1x3's, some screws and the 2 bar stools.
We spent around $150 all together, the bar stools being the big bulk of that amount.

The Mr. cut the wood down and put it all together and then built a "frame" type of thing out of scrap wood for each base so that we were just able to lay the desk top right down on top of the bar stools and it is held into place by the frames boxing in the top of the stools. No screws needed to secure the desk top to the bases so that we are able to return the stools if we need to! He's kind of a genius, I'm just sayin'.

He put it all together and I stained it with dark walnut.

The underneath has a few scrap pieces running the width of the desk to make it nice and strong and we used a few brackets to tighten everything up. This sucker is super sturdy!

I HATE cords! Why can't everything on earth be cordless? I did the best I could with these using zip ties and binder clips to try and keep everything nice and tight and neat. It's not too horrible.

I think later we might add little shelves across the bottom for storage, but I do have a cute industrial looking shelving unit right next to this (also from Target) to hold my printer and router and such and it works great.

I'll give you a room tour of her space before long. This corner is really not taking up too much of her room at all. There was just a toy box and a chair in this corner before so we just shifted everything in the room and she is still left with plenty of space to play and be creative.

And, last but not least...the pack...

They must have their space too!

Thanks for looking you guys. Tell me what ya think.


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