New Floor and Finished Living Room

Sunday, May 11, 2014

You guys! When I bought this house my living room was SUPER yellow. Like...hurt your eyes, wear sunglasses inside, really freakin' yellow. Seriously! Let me show you...

These were both snapped with a cell phone on our 1st walk-through when we were house hunting...

See..I told you...straight up mustard y'all!

Throughout the 2 years we have lived here the living room has evolved quite a bit. For some goofy reason we decided to paint almost every other room in the house but we left this room yellow. We chose a HUGE sectional couch before moving in and it was a chocolate brown with this giant yellowish accent ottoman and accent pillows, so I decided to leave the walls that color and just let it match the sofa.

This is the Mr. and my brother relaxing on move-in day and this is the only picture I have of the brown couch since we had a hard-drive crash and lost a lot of pictures.

See...kinda matches right? No clue what I was thinking...

At 1st I had the idea that I wanted the living room to be beachy and I had planned to decorate accordingly.

Several months after we bought the brown couch I'd had enough of vacuuming it daily due to a certain giant dog sleeping on the giant couch....and I was realizing my style was absolutely not beachy like I had thought. We sold this couch on Craigslist and I bought a leather couch, some chairs and some tables that were WAY more my style.

Here is what we ended up with...

Not bad...still no clue why I haven't changed the paint at this point...and notice my still "beachy" TV stand in the seafoam green? Yeah...that had to go too. It was rehomed at my mom and dad's house where it actually goes with the decor.

Those tables and TV stand are now gone and I am IN LOVE with my finished living room. I am a rustic/industrial girl through and through and I feel like the living room now reflects that completely.

We recently painted the walls a light gray and had laminate flooring installed and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Carpet is just icky and with 3 dogs it was becoming insanely hard to keep clean.

I will take you on a photo journey to the finished project....

The walls...bye bye mustard!

And now the floors...


And here is the finished Living Room from top to bottom...I love it with all of my heart y'all.

What do y'all think? the floor is called Heritage Hickory Handscraped by Pergo and we got it at Lowes. I love it...the dogs hate it...they slip and slide all over the place. I reckon we will eventually get a rug...

Speaking of dogs...this is what it actually looks like in there...

Towels on the chairs to keep the dog hair off...and pups laying all up in the way! :)

Thanks for lookin' guys!      

                                                                                     - Love, Kris


  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I found you via Pinterest. We just chose the same laminate for the entire upstairs of our new house, and this is making me feel good about our decision!

    1. Aw, great! It's been over a year now and it's holding up amazingly to dogs and kids and life! I do not regret this decision at all! You will love it!


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