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Monday, May 5, 2014

Well, maybe I am the only one who thinks this is a totally genius idea...but I am a wee bit biased...
By the way, Kristine here! :)

I would like to show y'all the ombre makeup brush holders I made several weeks ago for Etsy (and myself). I am thinking that these will be Christmas presents for all of the women in my family this year...take a peek.

See how freakin' cute it is? It looks like a creamsicle shake or something!

This came about because I was searching for something cute & pretty to hold my makeup brushes in the bathroom.  I currently keep mine stored in baby food jars with rice inside to hold them up. While the little jars are functional, they are so not cute.

Way, way, waaaay back in the day I remember doing a grade school project where we colored salt with chalk. I don't know why...some sort of project to keep us occupied, I'm sure. Anyhoo...knowing how easy that little project was I figured I would color some salt and then use it to hold my brushes instead of the rice. Once I sat down to begin I got an even better idea to make them ombre. Then...after that genius idea I figured "well heck, may as well upgrade the jars too and make it even cuter". I shopped my craft stash and found the little coke glass which was purchased at Dollar Tree and I also used pint mason jars and small hurricane vase thingies also from Dollar Tree. All worked exceptionally well but the coke glass is my fave.

I made these using 4 ingredients/items:
1) Salt
2) Colored Chalk
3) Cute Glass Jar
4) Paper Plate

Seriously that is all. It's so easy you can have a toddler do it for you, for real!

All I did was pour about a 1/2 cup of salt onto the paper plate and then colored like a mad woman until I got the color saturation I was aiming for. You end up with a lot of chalk on the paper plate, so I stirred the salt and chalk around with my finger to make sure everything was getting coated and then just poured it into the jar.

I repeated that step 1-2 more times, using a bit less "coloring time" for each ombre layer so that they would lighten up and then topped it all off with just a layer of straight up white salt (no chalk).

The "creamsicle" one was actually orange chalk for the 1st layer and then a mix of pink and orange chalk for the second layer and then white/pure salt for the 3rd layer. I LOVE the way that one turned out.

The ones being sold are bagged in little separate baggies that folks can pour into the jar themselves.
I have options to choose which colors and which jar they'd like to purchase. I think it's fun to be able to add the salt yourself.

Here's an example of the blue, already bagged and ready to go while I work on a purple one...

Here are all the ones I made up for picture purposes...

I already had the chalk, but it is generic brand from Walmart. It takes about one container of salt to do one jar, and having gotten my coke glass from Dollar Tree as well as the salt, I would say my total was less than $3.00 for a perfectly cute makeup brush holder that I admire every morning as I put on my makeup.

What do y'all think? Pretty simple right?

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