Functional Furniture!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

As you know Kris and I both have fur babies :)  My fiance adores them a little more than I do but we both could never picture our lives without them!

One of our dogs Bo and my son Lucas!

With that said, when we moved into our new house I could not stand the thought of having dog crates in our living room or even bedroom, they are just an eye sore!

That's when the search began for a different solution!  Being DIYers we knew we could make something.. I am the crafty one but he is good with power tools... So this was actually his project :)

He actually found a plan on a blog! You can check those out HERE :)  Love Ana White!

I don't have any pictures of him in the process but here it is after he finished before it went to paint.

Obviously the dogs loved it right away!

Once we had this one built which was for Bo, even though he didn't really need to be put in a crate, he took it over and loves to lay in it...We needed something for our little Princess Roxi, who does have to be crated when we are gone!

This is MY princess Roxi :)

Since the first crate was used as a side/end table, and we had this huge storage ottoman that we hated, I told him I wanted hers to be a coffee table!

Here it is before paint.

After some sanding, paint and stain this is the final product!

All in all we are extremely please with how these turned out.  We got new living room furniture and eliminated the yucky dog crates :)  Got to love Functional Furniture!!

Here they are in our living room.. Please excuse the mess I need to get a better picture of them in staged setting!  Hope you like them :)

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