Budget Friendly Coffee Bar

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This is my latest project that I did, that cost me next to nothing!  
We have had our Keurig for about a year and when we got it I just kind of found a spot on the counter for it and of course started using it right away!

Since it is a must have product in our house, and gets the attention it deserves... I felt that it needed it's own spotlight!

Here's what I did!

We have had this large butcher block sitting in the kitchen for awhile now and it was just collecting mail, paper, junk, you name it!  This butcher block was Travis's Great Grandfather's, so it does have special meaning to us.

I cleared everything off of it and started fresh!  We had bought the little K-Cup holder around Christmas last year and previously the Keurig was sitting on top of it. 
But when I found these fabulous jars at Michaels on sale spent less than $5 for both of them, I knew I had a place for them :)  One has creamer and the other has sugar!

Next I felt like it needed something above it, plus I needed a place to hold some of my coffee mugs!  My mom had given me this shelf she wasn't using at her house, and we hadn't found a place for it yet....It was PERFECT!

Hung it up, added a few twig, berry garland pieces I got at the Flea Market for $2 to tie in my Country Theme and that was it!

And here is it is again all put together :)  Even though I do love it! I am always open for suggestions and comments! Let me know what you think!

Not too bad for about $7, don't ya think?

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