Bedroom Dresser & Night Stands Re-do

Monday, April 28, 2014

This is my very first blog post....EVER!  So bare with me and these will "hopefully" improve over time!

This is a project that I did awhile back.  My fiance and I bought our house last June, and like many first time home owners we had the bare minimum starting out!  Lucky for me my other half loves antiques, building, fixing, and re-doing things just as much as I do, and he is what I like to call the "Craiglist King"! He was browsing one day and came across this gem....

I didn't get a picture of them all together but it came with two nightstands and a large mirror, all for $60!  Can't beat that!  It wasn't in perfect condition but it was pretty good looking for the price.  
The first thing I did was take all of the drawers out, and all of the hardware off.  Let me tell you... I knew this thing was old when I started taking the hardware off!  It wasn't a pretty sight! 

At first my plan for the set was a nice antique looking white with a dark stained top.  With that in mind, I started sanding my little heart out....I had years of gunk to get off. When I got to the top of the dresser I realized that it was very shiny and smooth, and it didn't want to come off!

After consulting with my better half, he suggested we do black.  I looked some things up on pinterest and decided that wasn't a bad idea!

First I took it outside to spray paint those little engraved designs white.  Then painted the whole dresser black.  I originally had planned to replace the hardware because they were gross and outdated, but then I felt like those gave it the look I was going for so I also spray painted those white.

And here is the finished project.  We have been using them for several months now and we love it! Haven't really decorated in our room yet to match, but that is to come :)

Hope you like it as much as we do!
Once we finish our room, I will post a picture of it staged in its proper setting!

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