Vintage Dresser turned TV Stand

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sorry for the super long absence my peeps! I am back up and running full force now.

I have been itching for a new TV stand almost since we moved in. The theme of my living room has taken on a very "rustic/industrial/eclectic" feel so my previous minty green, beachy, TV stand was way out of place...but it wasn't a priority like many other things around the I just had to suck it up.

In November my parents and brother came to visit for my birthday and they brought me a vintage dresser from my GREAT grandparents home (also, tons and tons and tons of original blue mason jars..SCORE!).

I immediately busted out the measuring tape to be sure my TV would fit and found out it would just make it! Yay!! Currently we have a 55" TV and the the previous TV stand was meant for the 32" it was hanging over both sides and driving me absolutely nuts-o.

Here she is:

There are no feet, that's why she's on the floor. One of them broke off in transit so I laid her down and removed the other 3. They were a little too mid-century for my taste anyway.

I left her on the floor for a couple of weeks because I really had no clue what was next. I knew I wanted it to be the TV stand, but the color/design hadn't "spoken" to me yet.

Finally in a moment of clarity I decided to leave the drawers original (to keep a little piece of my great-grandparents "visible" so to speak) and remove the door and just use the shelves inside for the cable box and game systems.

Since my living room is kind of rustic/industrial I splurged on the legs and got metal piping. I've been waiting and waiting for a piece of furniture I could add these legs to, so I was excited to have this chance.

I'm not gonna lie...those flange thingies are EXPENSIVE-O but it was sooo worth it! I spent right at $100 for the legs and feet.

I assume my Popaw had rigged one of the feet, because as you can see it was glued on, instead of screwed in like the others. So instead of dealing with that hot mess I just attached the new legs right beside where the existing legs were once attached. No issues there. (I did measure that space though before hand to make sure they would fit there)

After the legs were installed I flipped her onto her feet and gave her a good cleanin' about icky. It had been in their garage for Lord knows how long so there were spidey's and soooo much dust it was ridiculous.
(Also added a little wood putty to one spot under the drawer where it broke off during transit)

These are the drawers in their before state...they are just pitiful aren't they?

All I did was use coconut oil and applied a little technique I picked up from Mr. Miyagi..."wax on...wax off..."

I did that twice...letting them dry one day in between layers. Here's what the final product looks like.

I am totally not a mid-century/modern type of girl...but I think they look absolutely gorgeous!

Once I had the drawers finished I decided that I wanted the top to be wood as well, but there is a stupid wood veneer on the top and it was in really good shape so I didn't feet like going through the hassle of trying to remove it. Instead I just chose to do a wood plank top.

I bought (7) 3-inch wood planks at Lowes for about $3 each. Then I put on my big girl panties and got out the tools and saw and then measured and cut them down to various lengths to make the "staggered" look and screwed those bad boys right down to the existing top. The whole project took me less than 2 hours including the trip to Lowes. The hardest part was making a straight cut because I was using a circular saw (it's all we had on hand)...everything else was a piece of cake!

I stained the top with Early American, since I didn't want an exact match with the drawers, but I wanted something similar.

Finally, just last week the color "spoke" to me and so I took another trip to Lowes and had a quart mixed up. It is Olympic - Submarine and is kind of a grey green depending on the light. It's exactly how I imagined it would be.

Makes the wood pop, don't ya think?

Here it is in our living room with the monster TV...(sorry...really bad lighting the day I took this pic)

And here is our newest addition, Thor, showing off his new TV stand...

So what do you think? We LOVE matches with the living room decor so perfectly now and I don't feel embarrassed by an out of place TV stand any more.

I think we are going to mount the TV on the wall eventually and then I will be able to decorate the top. That excites's the little things!

Since this piece came from my Great-Grandparents house I am now calling her "Katie Pearl" which was my Nanny's name. This piece has a very special place in my heart just like my rocking chair and I'm so thankful to my family for letting me have it and not hating me for "changing" it. 
It's amazing to be able to have a little piece of my life/childhood/family that I can keep for years and years to come! 

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