DIY Nautical Rope Ladder and partial guest bath reveal....

Thursday, June 27, 2013

So when I bought this house I was still living a state away (3.5 hours) so I went all around inspecting, measuring and taking pictures of every nook and cranny so that I could start designing and building projects before my move.

THIS.... a 22" opening in the bathroom to the left of the bathtub....Really? 22 inches? What am I supposed to do with that? Do they even sell shelving units that are only 22" wide? I had no clue.

I knew all along that I wanted the guest/kids bathroom to have a beach theme and after quite a bit of brain storming I decided to do a nautical shelving unit over there. The original intent was to store towels and extra TP and things of that nature but obviously it's more for decoration than anything now.

It was actually super easy to build. Here's the supply list.

1 - 18 foot 1/2" nautical rope (I just had lowes cut me a REALLY long length because I wasn't sure how much I would need)
1 - 8 inch wide, 6 foot long piece of wood (already had this on hand so it's what we used)
2 - dowel rods, whatever size you want, these are smaller around than my pinky
2 - toggle bolts

That's it.

I simply stained and had my dad cut the wood into 3-18" long pieces (since my opening was 22" I didn't want the shelves to touch the wall on each side).
Then we measured exactly half way down on each side of the boards to drill 1/2" holes and string the rope through.
Then I just slid the dowel rods into the rope right underneath the shelf to keep them in place and separated the shelves approximately 12" apart.
Then I just tied knots in the the top of the ropes, hung with toggle bolts from the ceiling and cut off the excess rope at the bottom and tied knots there.
Easy peasy!

Once it was hung I decorated with a few things we've collected from our cruise.

The sea fan came from a cruise stop. We stopped at Blue Lagoon Island (yes, THE Blue Lagoon) and that is where the sea fans were all washed up on shore. There were purple and yellow and I kick myself all the time for not grabbing like 50 of them! I stored this one in a large ziplock and carried it in my carry-on to keep it from getting broken on the return flight and once we were home I aired it out for days (holy cow the smell was awful) and then sprayed it with polyacrylic to try and preserve the color. It's been 2 years now and still holding up! :)

The sand in the jars is from Half Moon Cay and Grand Turk islands. The sea glass and shells all came from all the various Caribbean stops. Do y'all love sea glass? I swear I could have spent an eternity looking for it. So awesome. 

I love that every time I walk into the bathroom I have this wonderful reminder of our trip. It was Kev's 1st cruise and absolutely one of the best times we've ever had together!

Here's a little wider shot, so you can see how narrow the little opening is...crazy huh? That's a coconut candle on the bottom shelf. I never light it, it's just cute. 

I'll be showing you the rest of the bathroom very soon. It's one of my favorite rooms in the house. I love it 10 times more than my master bath right now!

Thanks for lookin' y'all! Promise to show you the rest soon!

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