DIY Farmhouse Table...kinda

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hello my friends! When I was planning my move I knew that I wanted a farmhouse table, but I knew not how to make my own! I can paint the heck out of furniture...but assembly and building? Nope, not for me! That is why I recruited my pops for this task! I found a table and chairs on Craigslist and we transformed it!

Here's is the craigslist before picture...

Nothing fancy, pretty Blah in fact, but I loved the legs and I knew what I was going to turn it into so for major cost of FREE I was all up in that stuff! :) Yep, I said FREE!!! The dude was moving and needed to get the stuff out asap. Gotta love it!

I can't remember the exact measurements off the top of my head but I think we settled on something like 5.5 ft long and 4ft wide based on how much overhang I wanted from the legs. I chose 6ft boards at Lowes and brought them home for my daddy to chop 'em down to size. 

I stained them and dad put them together for me. Pretty easy huh? 

While he did that...I did this...

And then he did this....

And then we had this....

Perfecto! Gracias Papi! I totally don't speak Spanish, but love to pretend like I do ;)

I painted it with some oops white paint from Home Depot, the name was covered with paint...oops. Once a couple coats of that had dried I used valspar antique glaze to prettify it and then used varathane spray that is SUPPOSED to not turn yellow (it's been 9 months now and no yellowing!) to seal it. I ordered it off for 10 bucks.

Then it was on to the chairs....oh boy, those chairs...

I NEVER, ever, ever, ever, ever want to paint chairs again because of these chairs and the amount of detail and time consumption to get them done. UGH! What a pain! I should have spray painted them but alas I am not so hot with spray paint yet.'s what they looked like when I picked them up...

My honey has a word for nasty things...he calls something gross "Gookarama" (Gook-a-rama) 
(Like chicken gristle, or anchovies, or oozing 
I don't know where he came up with that word but it is TOTALLY appropriate for these chairs in their before state. EWWW.

But look at the spindles...LOVE them! And the legs! Lovely!

These were my first upholstery project and I think I did pretty smashing for my first time.

Pretty, yes? The glazing really highlighted all the details and I love them! But I'm never doing chairs again, even after seeing the turn out! Never.Ever.Again!

I will tell you a secret...we have had this house for 7, almost 8 months now...I still don't have the seats screwed down to the chairs! HA. How's that for lazy?

And in my house...this is what happens when you try to take pictures....

You don't need to adjust your monitor, you are not seeing things...he really is taller than the kitchen table and almost as tall as the island chairs! Thank goodness he doesn't just walk up and take things off the counter or table whenever he wishes!

We've actually pulled it away from the wall since this pic and use it like it's meant to be used, but I didn't feel like taking a new pic!

It's certainly not the most fancy of farmhouse tables, but it's mine and it's pretty. 

As always, thanks for stopping by! Much love!     :-) Kris

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  1. love your table! i'm about to tackle mine, and have been debating about doing it ALL white or the top dark stain... i love how yours came out! and yes, i'm DREADING my spindly chairs; i have six of them to paint! :(

    1. Thanks Meg! Good luck to you and your 6 chairs. Heck no! I will be buying chairs from now on when I'm ready for an update! Haha :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I really like how your table turned out! I have been stalking all table makeovers in hopes I can get some inspiration and direction for my own. I have 6 chairs also and the table seats 10 with two leaves in the middle.....its proving to be a great challenge for sure.

    1. Thank you Sharon! :) Good luck with your table/chairs makeover. It's rewarding to have it be "your own" when you are done! Sounds huge though, I don't envy you! ;)


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