Antique rocking chair...close to my heart!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hi y'all! I finished this rocking chair earlier in the week but I started it in October...yeah...side tracked much?

This rocker holds a very special place in my heart because it came from my GREAT grandparents house! When I was 17-ish my Popaw brought this and many things from their house out to our annual neighborhood yard sale. I snatched it up immediately, demanding that he not sell it and let me have it and I've had it ever since. It will remain in my possession for the rest of forever because aside from some pictures it's the only thing I have of my Nanny (who has passed away) and Popaw whom I love and adore!

Some of y'all may be very critical of my painting such an old and meaningful piece...and the color certainly ins't for everyone...but let me just say...I painted it 1st when I was 17 and had no real attachment to it and I'm now a bit too old for TIGGER (Yes that's right!) decor on my antique rocker....which I DO now have an attachment to...

The chair was already black, I just hand painted the Tigger onto it one day when I was bored. Tigger was kind of my thing from all the years of going to Disney with my family..I collected stuffed Tiggers and I had boxer shorts with Tigger on the back so my best friends mom always called me "Tigger butt"...and guess what....I got a cat for my's moms bday one year and we named her Tigger and she is now called "Tigger Butt" was that bad...

Moving on...

Eventually I moved out the 1st time and I left this chair with my parents so my dad adopted it and used it in his office as a chair for said Cat to sleep on. She did...for many years.

When I recently bought my house and planned to move again I decided to bring the chair with me now that I am older and appreciate the true sentimental value of it.

I knew I was going to do something drastic with the color so I picked up this teal at Lowes, just one sample pot of Valspar "Aqua Regia". I mixed it up as chalk paint and went to town...on one side only. Then the poor dear sat until November when I decided to finish one full coat.

Finally...6 months later I have added the 2nd coat, glazed and sealed it.

This is 2 coats of chalk paint (1 TBSP unsanded tile grout, mixed with roughly 1/2 cup of paint) and no sanding or striping of the previous paint. Covered beautifully!

Pretty huh? I am keeping it in my office where there are so many other TEAL things. I SUPER DUPER love it! It's bright and beautiful, yet still looks old and has character! And the best part is, I get a reminder of my great grandparents EVERY-SINGLE-DAY and it makes me smile...and miss them! My Popaw is still alive but we live far away now so it's hard to see him!

One last pic:

Whatcha think?

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  1. It's nice to give sentimental pieces new life! I love that you're a DIY girl! And that color is wonderful! :)

  2. What a sweet story, and now you have given this dated piece a second chance! Love the color. Thanks for sharing. -K

  3. What a great memento to have. I also had my mother's rocking chair for years but It split down the centre and I couldn't fix it. Lovely that you still have yours and that you've painted it so nicely. Thanks for linking to Paint Parade

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