DIY Pallet Headboard

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ok y'all..I'm going to walk you through the process of making my headboard. It was actually pretty simple...aside from removing the pallet boards...that part pretty much sucks!

My honey works in an industrial park so there are PLENTY of pallets readily available. I just pulled over and loaded my car up one day after visiting him at the office.

They then proceed to sit outside on my deck for days getting rained on. Then they sat several more days in the scalding sun so that they could dry out! Oops.

Removing boards is not fun...I don't care how many people tell you there are easy ways to do it...there is NO truly easy way of doing it! I used my drimmel to saw through each end, instead of trying to remove those nails...then I only had to pry the nails from the middle of each board. It was not awful, but it was certainly not easy! My drimmel eventually died and I broke out the circular saw to finish to job. I believe all in all I used most of the boards from 5 various sized pallets.

After I removed them, I matched them up in width. Any that were more than 3 feet in length I just cut with the circular saw until they were all 3 feet exactly so that my headboard would be 6 feet wide. Easy enough. I am so NOT good at math, if it gets too technical I pass it along to the Mr. to figure out! :)

I just started laying pieces out on the floor based on width and color. I played with it for about 20 pieces that were quite fitting where they should.

We glued and screwed 2 support pieces of 1x wood along the back that would kind of hold the whole thing together and help it sit against the wall. Then I used these fancy do-dads to connect pieces.

I used these brackets on all the boards until I felt like it was NEVER falling apart. I would just push on a piece and if it moved it got a bracket to tighten it up...and it looks like Frankenstein....

Do not laugh at my handy work...that sucker is gonna last decades! Ha!

Once that was complete it sat in the garage for another week or so before I gave it the coats of Poly. I didn't stain it because I like the rustic nature of the boards in original form. I did, however, sand the crap out of them. My headboard is as smooth as a babies bootay! For reals!

I applied the poly with a foam brush and I know for sure I did 5 coats...probably more...letting them dry a day in between each. Here's a shot of one side with poly and the other still bare. Beautiful huh? I love how rich the wood looks!

Just in-case you missed the last post, here's what it looks like in my bedroom currently. I have a platform bed, so it's just sitting on the platform and I used 3M velcro on the 1x pieces to stick it to the wall.

So what do you think? I love it like...the most ever! :) 

Thanks for checking it out!  Love, Kris

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  1. haha i love the back of it! Im about to build one of these! please come share this at our linky party!

    Laura :)

    1. Thanks Laura, I'm creative like that! HA :) I linked up with you as well. Thanks for looking!

  2. Kristine, I just came across your blog. I'm your newest follower. Your headboard is fabulous!

  3. I just found your blog and I love it. Your bedroom makeover is pretty. I'm actually in the process of our own room redo and did a wood plank headboard too. I didn't go for the pallets because I knew it would be hard work getting the planks apart but kudos to you for getting after it. Anyway, just wanted to compliment your blog. :)

  4. hey this is sooooo coool! I must try this one.
    Bec x
    lovely blog too with some great ideas.

  5. Im featuring your pallet headboard at our linky party tonight! hope to see you there soon , have a great week!

  6. Coming from Blissfully Ever After... The Kentucky map drew me in! Great new headboard. Are you a Kentuckian?

  7. Do you mind sharing what HEIGHT you made your headboard? I am about to commit to making one now.


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