DIY Nightstands and a peek at the master bedroom overhaul...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hey you guys! I've been workin' my booty off to get our master bedroom done! Finally I got around to finishing our nightstands which was the last project before the final reveal. This was such an easy project. I am just a tad bit of a procrastinator! :-) I am so excited to reveal the bedroom too you, but that will be later this week! 

So as you can see these are nothing but 2 crates (you can purchase at Michaels or JoAnns for cheap, especially with 50% off coupons). Holla!

Our bedroom was starting to take on an industrial/rustic theme and I just could not come up with suitable nightstands to save my life. So of course I started surfing around the web for ideas! There are tons of crate furniture inspiration on the internet (Pinterest mostly) and they are the perfect amount of "rustic" that I was looking for so I totally went for it!

Here's my bedroom with the crates unstained a couple weeks ago before our overhaul.

Fairly BLEH, don't ya think? This is even an upgrade from what it looked like just the week before that with no throw pillows and no bedside tables. Yeah I've pretty much hated my master bedroom since we moved in but I didn't really have any inspiration or know exactly how I wanted it to look, so I just worked on other rooms in the house.

So now the entire room is done and these nightstands were the last to be finished. 

I used Early American stain which I have never used before but I LOVE it. I was going to use dark walnut because we made window valances and they are stained dark walnut but the Mr. wanted something lighter that would tie in all the colors in our new fancy schmancy pallet headboard. So we picked this and it was perfect!

This one is obviously the "dude" side :-)

And here is my side with the totally awesomesauce lamp I scored from Homegoods for $20.00! I heart it!

We have new bedding, a TV stand, art, deer antlers and a mirror on the wall, and tons of industrial baskets and things to pull everything all together and I will be showing you the entire thing very soon! :) I can't wait!
I absolutely love this room now, it's my favorite in the whole house! momma has been quite the DIY, bedroom fixer upper herself (ok ok, my dad helped A LOT)...check out their (almost) finished master bedroom.

Cute right? It was inspired by the picture there in the center that my sweet dad got her for their 29th anniversary recently. It has their names in the heart with the year they were married. :) Presh!

We found the adorable mirrors at Homegoods last time she was here to visit and they made the headboard by just staining and screwing the wood into the wall! Her color is Bombay Mahogany. We both have a die hard love for that color!

She's stained the tops of their dressers already and is now looking for accessories and nightstands and, like me, that will be the last project she has to do to finish their room.

Catch y'all again real soon! Love, Kris!


  1. This is such a great idea for nightstands. They match your bedroom perfectly! Just wanted to let you know that we'll be featuring this at Someday Crafts tomorrow, so come over and check it out!

  2. Such a nice inexpensive idea! Thank you for sharing. Your mother's room looks great too.


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