"Snow Globes"

Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Monday y'all! I have a serious case of the cozies today...it's raining and cool and dark-ish.  I want to just crawl back in under the covers and take a good long nap!

Today I want to show off my "snow globes" I put together over the weekend. I absolutely love the way they turned out and I want about...1 million more..to place around my house. :-)

First, here is the inspiration behind my creation from Salt Tree...

Isn't that fantastic? I stumbled upon this through Pinterest (of course) and I could not get my mind off of it, so this weekend I ventured out to the store to pick up my supplies.

Here's a shot of mine...

I think they turned out great and they were super easy to create!

Here's what I used:

A mason jar, or 3 in my case. (I have tons of these laying around the house)
Epsom Salt
Very fine silver and white glitter
2 small trees (already in my Christmas decor stash)
1 battery powered street lamp (I found mine at Walmart for $3.94, Dollar Tree did not have any.)

The steps are simple...
1) Flip the metal lid inside out inside on the rim.
2) Dab some hot glue in the center
3) Press the tree (or lamp post) to the glue
4) Let dry
5) Pour Epsom Salt in the mason jar to desired height (remember the tree or post have to fit in there, so you may have to wiggle and work them in if your "snow" is too deep.)
6) Sprinkle in some glitter. (I would just wing it on this, there is no exact measurement)
7) Screw the lid on. (Your tree or lamp post are now inside the mason jar upside down)
8) Flip it over and the "snow" will just fall into place...

That's it! I thought the cord for the battery pack on the lamp post would be a problem but it's really thin wire and I was able to just screw the lid on with no issues. I then just tucked the battery pack away behind the 3 mason jars and you'd never know it was there.

Here's the finished product in the light and at night once the lamp post gets switched on...


I love them! What do y'all think?

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